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Altitude Performance & Health, CVAC™ Pods

“Oxygen is essential to life. Without proper oxygen utilization our health can suffer, our immune system can become compromised, our performance decreases and recovery time takes longer.  The Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC™) is a unique and effective conditioning program using precise changes in air pressure within the pod to increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid throughout your body. It improves your body’s energy systems, how it utilizes oxygen, and helps remove toxins and waste within the cells.


To improve your body’s energy systems and overall physical health of people in a variety of needs through the use of the CVAC system pods and how it utilizes oxygen, helps remove toxins and waste within the cells.

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Otto’s Story

VIDEO:  Altitude Performance & Health owner, David Jakovac, introduces the first CVAC™ System Pods available in Canada and how it has helped, Otto Castillo, a Canadian Armed Forces soldier through his job related injury.




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